Microsoft Surface Screen Repair in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Are you looking for a Microsoft Surface screen repair near you in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor? Our team can assist you with this.

Having a damaged screen on your Microsoft Surface can be a bummer. If the screen is not working properly, you may hardly be able to get anything done on your Microsoft Surface.

You have a faulty Microsoft Surface display screen, but you don’t know who to turn to for help. You need the best Microsoft Surface screen repair service, and that is what we are here for. We are experts in this field with years of experience under our belt. 

The best solution to the damaged LCD screen on Microsoft Surface is getting a screen repair service. A computer professional will evaluate the main problems encountered on your Microsoft Surface screen and perform the screen repair and replacement.

Types of common Microsoft Surface screen damage:

  • A crack or broken screen

This type of screen damage is quite common and happened due to a hard impact on the device. 

  • Black mark on the screen

This is another type of screen damage that may cause you to be unable to use your Microsoft Surface properly. This problem is usually because of an internal glass crack that is causing the liquid crystal to accumulate in the screen and resulting in a black mark.  

  • Dark or light spots on the screen 

A small dark or light spot may be due to a hit the screen that damaged the internal backlight of the screen. The surface of the screen may not be affected, but it is the internal part of the screen that is damaged. 

  • Water damage on the screen

Water damage happens if you accidentally spilled liquid on the screen and it seeps into the screen’s panel. You can visibly see the watermark on the internal part of the screen, and this can cause more damage to the entire screen. 

There are several options for replacing your broken or cracked Surface screen.

The Surface screen replacement can be done by yourself, but it isn’t necessarily an easy process. When you are replacing your broken Surface laptop screen, the back is completely covered and sealed with screws that need to tighten correctly. Leave this job to the IT experts at our Microsoft Surface repair shop to do.

Do not use a hot gun or hair dryer to remove the damaged screen or insert and pry the sides of the Surface unit with a screwdriver or wrap the cable with adhesive tape. If this occurs, you will be at risk of accidental damage which is susceptible to voiding your device’s warranty. 

Steps to troubleshoot your Microsoft Surface touchscreen:

If your Microsoft Surface screen is not responding, you may follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Boot to Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and try testing the touch  screen functionality
  2. Reinstall the touchscreen driver 
  3. Update to the latest Windows or Surface drivers or firmware 
  4. Reset your Microsoft Surface 

If you decide that you’d rather not risk voiding your warranty, there are some Surface repair centres in KL where you can send in your Microsoft Surface Book for fixing. 

Reliable Microsoft Surface Screen Repair and Replacement Service

We are one of the most reliable Microsoft surface screen repair services in the market is built around the following:

  • Faster screen replacement
  • Quality and affordable services
  • Skilled and experienced IT experts

All of our Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen repair experts work offsite and not onsite. Our technicians are always working with the most up-to-date information and materials, which means you get your damaged devices fixed much faster. 

We provide a service warranty for every Microsoft Surface repair job that we perform. We have fixed hundreds of Microsoft Surface damaged screens over the years successfully for our customers.

Our focus is primarily on quality, quick service, and affordable cost prices. Our technicians do not use cheap aftermarket parts. Only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and battery replacement for Surface pro are used to complete your repair for optimal performance. 

We can provide very competitive prices because we focus on reducing overhead costs, which saves you money. 

If your software is giving you problems, our technicians have the latest Microsoft Surface fixing tools at their disposal for further computer diagnosis. It is best left to our team to check out these common issues that you may be experiencing on your laptop. 

Pick our affordable Microsoft Surface Pro repair service in Klang Valley, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam. We can help you to repair laptops and broken Windows desktops too. 

Enquire about our Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen repair service for your laptop at affordable prices by our knowledgeable computer staff members. We’re here to help. Call us today and let one of our friendly professionals walk you through the process and get a FREE quote.


Can a Microsoft Surface screen be replaced?

Yes, most Surface device screens can be replaced. Microsoft Surface laptop is a powerful tablet that has many capabilities. One of the most important things to understand about this device is how to replace the damaged screen, should it break or crack.

Is it worth it to replace the Microsoft Surface screen?

Yes, because it is more economical and environmentally friendly to get the screen replaced than purchasing a new Surface device. 

How long does it take you to fix a damaged Surface screen?

The time taken to fix a damaged screen may take around half a day to one day. Our team will get in contact with you if your Surface is done with its screen repair, or shall we need more time to repair it.

Why does my Surface laptop screen keep going black?

The screen can go black when you turn on the device due to several factors. It can be due to external accessories that interfere with the computer operation or laptop power issues.

Why is my Surface screen flickering up and down?

A flickering screen may happen if you switch on your device for a long period. You can try turning off your device for a while.

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