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Phone Casing Replacement in KL & Selangor

If the phone case is inadvertently damaged or you need to replace the phone case (paint, damage, etc.), it is recommended that you bring your phone to the nearest after-sales service center for testing and replacement.

To check your mobile phone repair price, you can do the following two ways:

Method 1:
Log in to your mobile phone’s official website to check the reference cost of repair time and spare parts reference price:

At present, the reference price of the mobile phone motherboard, screen, tail plug, back cover and font library can be checked through mobile phone’s official website.

When filling in the product model number, please enter the complete model number. The reference price is subject to the results of the inquiry at the time, and the price may change. Please pay attention to the information changes in a timely manner.

Method 2:
Consult Geld Technologies for maintenance costs. Send the mobile phone model number to us, and our engineer will determine the specific repair price of the machine based on the product test results.

Note that our service center replacement screen is using original accessories, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. The accessories of the deputy factory can not be compared with the original parts in terms of materials, quality, durability, use effect, etc., even in terms of safety performance, plus the maintenance equipment, the professionalism of maintenance personnel and the protection after maintenance. Prices will vary. For your use and safety, we recommend that you use the original accessories.


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