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There are many devices you use in your daily life. Some include kitchen appliances, office accessories and also a phone. The latter helps to keep your life flowing and organized. In rare cases, you will see an individual that lacks a smartphone. Unfortunately, there are times your device might start acting up and problems arise. For example phone lagging, slow speeds, broken screens, WIFI connectivity issues and many more. We at Geld Technologies are your trusted device partner.

What we pride on is offering repairs and replacements for devices all around Malaysia. Also, we only ask for the service fee only after you receive 100% customer satisfaction. As a professional service, we advise you to avoid a DIY fix at home to prevent more damage to your phone. If you are having a slow phone issue, we perform a phone lagging fix service at a fast and affordable way. Once you hand over your gadget to us, rest assured you will get the expected service.

Common Causes Of Phone Lagging

  • Multiple apps running in the background
  • Live widget feeds
  • Background push notifications
  • Background sync

The above are the most common reasons why your smartphone can lag from time to time. In some extreme case, your phone might refuse to operate unless you turn your phone off for some time. To make it worse you might not be aware of what is causing your phone too slow. We provide this solution at an affordable rate at Geld Technologies computer and phone repair service.

Moreover, we are known all over Malaysia as a trusted computer and phone repair service that offers high-quality output. Feel free to pick up your phone and call us at +60166669438 or email us at and we guarantee a lasting service. Remember that we operate throughout except for the holiday season. Visit us, and one of our professionals will work on your device professionally until it meets your standards.


Why Geld Technologies are Your Best Choice ?


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We happily offer free fixing if anything happen to the repair we've done.

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You don't need to pull out your wiring of a computer, we can come to your front door ready to fix your computer.

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If we start a task and realise we can't fix it, we will provide full refund.

Our Promise

Money Cashback Guarantee

100% Money-back Guarantee within 14 Days

Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Geld Technologies offers a "100% money-back guarantee within 14 Days" assurance when you engage our service - so there is ZERO risk on your part!

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