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What should I do with the iPhone speakers Water Spilled?

We all know that even the best electronic devices are also afraid of water. Even the waterproof function of the Apple mobile phone has been said to be very good, but it still can’t change the fact that it is not afraid of water. Do you think the whereabouts of the Apple mobile phone is the most terrible? I think that Apple’s mobile phone is mainly like a waste apple when it enters the water. What should be done after the speaker of the Apple mobile phone enters the water?

If you have any hardware problems with your Apple phone, you can go to the Geld Technologies Service Center for repair. The address is:

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So how do you handle the water in the speaker of an Apple phone? Generally, Apple’s mobile phone has two types of water:

  1. clean water

If it is just clean water, then the speaker will be muffled for a short period of time, a few minutes, a long time may be 1 to 2 hours to recover, the treatment is very simple, let it dry, or pat the phone in the opposite direction Then let go of the song.

Of course, if the above methods can’t solve your problem at all, then you need to take the ultimate trick, look for the local Apple after-sales center Apple Authorization Center for maintenance, and let the professional maintenance personnel carry out maintenance.

2. other drinks

When the speaker is invaded by this type of liquid, you must check the waterproof cover for the first time and then rinse the speaker hole with water or warm water instead of drying it with paper or a towel, so that the beverage in the small hole of the speaker can be washed away if you If it is not rinsed in a short time, the beverage will become sticky and close the speaker directly, so that even if you blow it again, it will not be restored after a few days. The solution is to bring the equipment to the local Apple after-sales center for maintenance.

If the above two methods of not disassembling will not work, of course, it will be broken. Just change one. We can come to Geld Technologies to change an Apple mobile phone speaker. After the replacement, the mobile phone is still in normal use;

Geld Technologies Repair Center Tips: Apple mobile phone water is not a minor thing, don’t try to fix it yourself, or disassemble it yourself. The consequence of this can only be caused by the fact that the Apple mobile phone is getting more serious.


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