Line Matrix Printer Repair Service in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang & Johor

We provide quality line matrix printer repair services in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Line matrix printers are exceptional technical devices used for high-speed printing applications in several industries like manufacturing, banking, supply chain, and office environments. These are well known as bar code printers as they can print text, bar codes and graphics. Line matrix printers are the right solutions for high-volume impact printing and are superior in speed, reliability and quality. These are high-speed, business-oriented printing machines. Besides all these useful features, we can’t oppose the fact that a mechanical device that’s fulfilling so many needs can also stop working at times. Well if your line matrix printer stands still to a given command, it clearly needs repair and maintenance. And for repair and maintenance of your printer, you must contact us without even a second thought. 

We are a team of certified professionals that certainly recognize all kinds of problems and come up with quick solutions. Some of the commonest problems you may have experienced with your line matrix printers are likely to be paper jams, a strange grinding sound as the printer operates, too much paper wasted between checks being printed, or improper positioning of the invoices/checks (the company logo is cut off, the product description or the cents column is clipped or beyond the range of the printed sheet etc).

Due to this problem, many papers are wasted and the person who faces this issue while using a printer definitely feels frustrated. Sometimes the printer mistakenly detects single-page paper feeds rather than a continuous roll of paper and at times the printer keeps printing on the same line (the paper won’t move as it should). Sometimes the print smears and other times it is faint; at times the paper wrinkles. Ink smears possibly occur due to the improper position of the print head. All these issues turn a smooth work into an irregular pattern. At this very moment, all you need is to contact us. Whether it’s a printer repair or just some help and advice, we are always there to sort all your queries. 

The main aim of our support team is prompt equipment maintenance that revolves around preserving top functionality and minimizing breakdowns. We offer routine maintenance and repair for your printer that includes some necessary activities such as cleaning, lubricating, and replacing worn-out toner cartridges and various small-scale assets or equipment. Our skilled engineers are trained enough to restore any malfunctioned part of the device. 

You can trust us confidently with all kinds of printer repair services!

Remark: These services are NOT provided by Geld Technologies

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