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DLP, Led and Laser Projector

Your projector is your office companion. Generally, any office environment requires regular use of projectors. Similarly, projectors also have home uses and an established home use market. However, most projectors require frequent repairs due to a variety of reasons. Customers may find it difficult to get their projector repaired, given the complexity of the task. Additionally, many people mishandle the repair, which causes further damage to the product. Printech Sales and Services solves the issue for you by providing a complete range of repairing services for DLP, Led, and Laser projectors.

Different Types of Projector Repair

There are multiple projector problems that our firm repairs. Here is a glimpse of some of the most common problems found in projectors:

  1. Some projectors have display problems. The image of the project is not clear. Additionally, the image may not project at all. In some cases, the projector loses the brightness and sharpness of the projected image. Printech Sales and Services can solve all these issues.
  2. The projector having white dots ins display may suggest a repairing required to the projector bulb. In some cases, we may have to replace the bulb as well. Don’t worry! Our team skilfully handles the repair. Thus, you get high-quality service at the lowest price.
  3. Projectors may sometimes develop power issues. In some cases, the projector may not start. In other cases, the project may gain excessive heat. All these problems can reduce the usefulness of the projector. Concurrently, shutdown issues may occur with the product. 
  4. Sometimes, the project is physically fine. However, it still loses the signal being transmitted from the computer. In such cases, we repair the transmitting device attached to the projector.
  5. We can repair the faulty panel buttons on your DLP, LED, and Laser Projector. These panels may include both digital and analog panels.
  6. Occasionally, the colour wheel may contain problems that flicker the display. Our firm deals with such problems by providing comprehensive repair services.
  7. We also help with issues regarding projector input and output. Our team of software experts can correct any software-based issues with your projector. Additionally, we give a 100 percent guarantee of service quality.


Auxiliary Changes to DLP, Led and Laser Projectors

Apart from the major repairs listed above, sometimes, the projectors need minor and auxiliary repairs. Our firm provides all these repairs, including the following categories:

  1. Cleaning the inside parts of the projector.
  2. Fans cleaning, air filter, and vent cleaning
  3. We also help with cleaning the chassis and LCD’s assembly part of your projector as well.

Why choose our services?

We offer professional repairing services for projectors. Additionally, we hire a skilled team of professionals who know their job. Thus, your product is in safe hands with our team. We also avoid making any changes that may cause damage to your product.

A major benefit that customers receive from our services is exceptional quality at a highly affordable price. Thus, you are getting top-notch services at prices that are better than the competitors. Who can say no to that?

Types of Projectors we repair?

Essentially, we repair all sorts of projectors. However, the DLP, LED, and Laser projectors in greatest demand are as follows:

  1. Liquid Crystal on Silicon projectors
  2. Digital Light Processing Projectors
  3. Liquid Crystal Display Projectors
  4. Laser Projectors

You may request for repair services on any other kind of projector as well.

How to book our services?

It is really simple – either fill out the form below, shoot us an email or give us a phone call. We are highly responsive to our customers on all these mediums.

Remark: These services are NOT provided by Geld Technologies

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