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Scanners are a most have in a productive office environment. They help with numerous day to day operations of the business. Additionally, they are important hardware to have at your home as well. However, the frequency of use and the sensitivity of the main parts of the scanner may result in constant repairs. Most customers may end up getting a damaged scanner back from the repair center. However, you can remove this issue by opting for Printech Sales and Service’s offering. We deal with all your scanner repair issues in the best way possible at the most affordable price tag. Contact us now and get your scanner back to perfect condition.

Different types of Scanner Repairs provided by Printech Sales and Services

There are a variety of services that Printech Sales and Services provide for scanner repair. However, below are listed the most common issues regarding scanners solved by our team:

  1. Some scanners need their scanning light to be replaced. Usually, scanning light loses its brightness over time. Consequently, it produces blurring scanned images. Similarly, the scanned image may become distorted as well. Printech Sales and Services deals with such issues. If required, we also provide replacement of the scanning light.
  2. Your Kodak, Canon, HP, and Epson scanner may require repair to their scanning plate. This plate holds the scanning paper below, which the light runs. However, due to use, wear and tear, and accidental damage, your scanner’s plate may need repair. In certain cases, there are scratches or cracks on the plate as well. We deal with such issues perfectly. Our team tries to repair the plate as much as possible. Additionally, we can provide a replacement service if the plate can not be repaired from its current state.
  3. Physical damage may occur to the exterior parts of the scanner. In some cases, the power cable may not work. Additionally, the scanner’s buttons or panel may have a problem as well. Our team deals with all these issues in our Kodak, Canon, HP, and Epson scanners.
  4. Some Scanners require a change in their internal systems. For example, the lens or the image processing unit may need replacement. Printech Sales and Services deal with such requests as well. Our team ensures that any replacement we provide protects the other parts of the scanner.

Types of Scanner We Repair

We repair all kinds of scanner that our customers need help with. Here is a list of the most common scanner brands that we repair:


Kodak scanners require regular repairs if the use is high. Additionally, the scanner plate is quite prone to damage. Thus, our team handles the scanner with extreme care. Most customers require a change to either their scanner plate of scanner lens. Additionally, they may require repair for the scanner’s external parts. Printech Sales and Services provides all these repairs.


Canon scanners have ruled the market for a long time. However, the product often requires repair with the power input system and the image processing unit. We offer such repair services for both high-end and budget scanner models.


Both offices and home environments use HP scanners as a staple device. However, the scanner may lose its sharpness and image brightness after a few months of use. Our repair and maintenance services help to bring the scanner close to its original condition. Additionally, it saves the cost that the buyer may bear when buying a brand new replacement scanner. We also offer cleaning services to ensure that your scanner parts can survive longer.


An emerging firm, Epson, produces quality assured and affordable scanners. However, some of the scanners may require panel repairs. Our firm deals with such repairs in the best way possible. Additionally, we offer the clients extended cleaning services as well.

Additionally, we also repair scanners from all other brands.

Remark: These services are NOT provided by Geld Technologies

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