3 Conditions It Is Time To Replace Your Mobile Phone Battery

When your phone encounters these three conditions, it is time to replace your phone’s battery and look for a phone service center in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

Among all the mobile phone accessories wear and tear, the battery is the fastest. Because of our various incorrect & improper cell phone operation and charging methods, and the natural aging of the battery over time. In the process of using the mobile phone that you usually use, you should pay attention to the operation of the battery. If the following three situations occur, you should replace the mobile phone battery in time.

1. Low power automatic shutdown

Mobile phone replacement battery, mobile phone battery is not durable

Just when you are playing mobile games, you are happy, suddenly the screen is black, the phone is turned off! And there is no shutdown animation, and you can’t open the phone, but after a few minutes, the phone can be turned on again, congratulations Your mobile phone battery is almost dead, but for your insurance, please confirm that the following symptoms are correct.

1. Low battery auto power off or specific power off – This refers to the low battery is not 0%, the phone uses 0% shutdown is “very normal”, we refers to the mobile phone used 20%. 30%. 40 % or even 70%, the phone suddenly shuts down, it is likely to be a battery failure.

2. Shutdown machine animation – Normally, there will be some animations when shutting down normally, such as circle, and the automatic shutdown here is “sudden/no warning” and it will be turned off instantly.

3. Temporarily unable to boot up – After the automatic shutdown, it takes a while to boot or connect to the power supply before booting.

2. Mobile phone battery expansion

Mobile phone replacement battery, mobile phone battery is not durable.

When you find that your phone has become the shape of the artichoke package, it means your battery is inflated! Don’t stick to it at this time, change a battery quickly, otherwise the expanded battery may crush the board/display.

It is recommended to change the battery as soon as possible, otherwise the expanded battery may damage other parts when the battery expands. The maintenance cost to be paid is not as simple as changing a battery.

3. The phone suddenly consumes a lot of power

Mobile phone replacement battery is not durable.

When you slide your mobile phone, do you realize that the mobile phone has recently become very power-hungry, and hasn’t updated the system or downloaded any strange apps? Congratulations, your battery is not accidentally going to be bad, but in order to confirm that the battery is faulty, please make sure that the following things are not happening:

1. Update system – Updating the system may be the culprit for mobile phones to become more power-hungry. Mobile phone manufacturers want to add more features. Updating the Android version may make the new system more power-hungry, or there may be bugs in the new system. It becomes very power-hungry.

2. Downloaded the weird app – Some people may download some weird apps from the ad / Google Play / wherever they are, such as: Battery Doctor / Mobile Optimizer / 360 Assistant, these apps are very likely It is the culprit that the mobile phone has become power-hungry. It is recommended to see if there is any improvement after uninstalling. If not, please continue to look down.

If none of the above is done, your phone battery may be really dead, and you can continue to look down to make sure the battery is really broken.

After reading the above, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the health of mobile phone batteries. When we encounter the above situation, we need to replace the new mobile phone battery in time to ensure the normal use and safety of the mobile phone.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that when you replace the mobile phone battery, you must choose a professional mobile phone repair service. Our company always adheres to the original quality and all battery accessories are rigorously tested. You only need to get a quote from us, our professional technician will assist you to repair the phone and replace the battery.

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