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Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in KL & Selangor

What is the computer blue screen?

Blue screen, English name BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). From a professional point of view, this term is defined as “a blue screen that appears when Microsoft Windows crashes or stops executing (due to catastrophic errors or internal conditions that prevent the system from continuing to run).

So, what is the solution for the blue screen on the computer?

Cause analysis: poisoning, hardware problems, software conflicts, high temperature, virtual memory, etc.

1. Insufficient virtual memory causes multi-task operation error of the system. Virtual memory is a method unique to the WINDOWS system to solve the problem of insufficient system resources. Generally, the remaining space of the hard disk in the main boot area is 2-3 times of its physical memory. In order to make full use of the space, some enthusiasts stuffed their hard drives into full, and remembered the demanding requirements of WINDOWS. As a result, the virtual memory has an operation error due to insufficient hard disk space, so a blue screen appears. To solve this problem is very simple, try not to fill the hard disk full, often delete some temporary files generated by the system, exchange files, and thus free up space. Or you can manually configure the virtual memory, select Advanced, and transfer the default address of the virtual memory to another logical disk. This will avoid the blue screen caused by insufficient virtual memory.

2. CPU overclocking causes operational errors. Overclocking is common for enthusiasts, so the various faults caused by overclocking are inevitable. Overclocking, on its own, is to achieve higher performance on the basis of the original, but due to the overload calculation, the internal operation is too much, causing the CPU to overheat, resulting in system operation errors. Some CPUs have better overclocking performance. For example, Intel’s Celeron processor and AMD-K6-2 processor are better, but sometimes there are some inexplicable errors. (Example: I have tried the INTEL Celeron 300A. When overclocking to 450, the floppy drive reads the disk when it does not accept the command). INTEL’s less than 200 CPUs and AMD-K5’s overclocking capabilities are not so good. It is recommended that high-end CPUs should be overclocked, so the heat dissipation work must be done well. It is best to install a large fan, plus some heat-dissipating materials such as silicone. As for some low-end CPUs, I suggest that you should not overclock, so that overclocking does not achieve the expected effect, but the blue screen often affects the normal speed of the computer.

3. The memory strips are incompatible or damaged, causing operational errors. This is the most intuitive phenomenon, because this phenomenon can often be seen at the start of the boot, can not start the computer, the screen prompts that there is a problem with the memory, ask you whether To continue. This type of error is caused by physical damage to the memory or incompatibility of the memory with other hardware. At this time, only the memory is changed. (If you want to add a new memory, it is best to buy the same frequency of the same brand of memory. If you can’t find the same brand, it is best to use the same frequency. For example: the frequency is DDR2 800 If the memory is used with DDR2 667, the DDR2 800 memory will be down-converted to DDR2 667 due to backward compatibility. Although the memory is increased, the frequency will be reduced. The phenomenon that the optical drive is abnormally opened when the disk is read is that when the optical disk drive is reading data, a blue screen appears due to being opened by mistake. This problem does not affect the normal operation of the system, just click on the disc or press the ESC button. The above are some of the reasons why I encountered a blue screen in my maintenance computer. There may be other inexplicable problems that cause the computer to have a blue screen. In any case, after encountering such problems, you should carefully analyze the cause of the problem and then proceed to solve it.

4. The remaining space of the hardware is too small or too fragmented. Because Win9X needs to use the hard disk as virtual memory when running, this requires the hard disk to reserve a certain free space to ensure the normal operation of the program. In general, the minimum space should be more than 100MB, otherwise the “blue screen” may be related to the remaining space of the hard disk is too small. In addition, too many fragments of the hard disk can easily lead to the appearance of “blue screen”. Therefore, it is necessary to perform fragmentation at regular intervals.

5, System hardware conflicts. This phenomenon causes “blue screen” is also more common. Frequently encountered in practice is the conflicting settings of the sound card or display card. In the “Control Panel” → “System” → “Device Management” check whether there is a device with a yellow question mark or exclamation mark, if there is a try, delete it first, and restart the computer, automatically adjusted by Win9X, generally can be solved problem. If you still can’t, you can manually adjust or upgrade the corresponding driver.

6, Software and hardware are not compatible with new technology. New hardware development is very fast, if the installation of new hardware often appears “blue screen”, it is mostly related to the motherboard’s BIOS or driver is too old, so that the hardware is not well supported. If your motherboard supports BIOS upgrades, you should upgrade to the latest version or install the latest device drivers as soon as possible.

7. Viruses such as shock waves and oscillatory waves and other viruses sometimes cause Windows blue screen of death, so killing the virus is essential. At the same time, some Trojan spyware will also trigger a blue screen, so it is best to use the relevant tools for scanning. It is recommended to use 360 ​​antivirus to scan the computer in full.

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