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There are two types of Apple computers: Apple Macbooks and Apple desktop iMacs. Apple’s computers can be used primarily for video editing, graphic design, programming under Unix systems, and programming.

Macbook is a business ultrabook, and the desktop performance is relatively strong, which can be used for graphic design and rendering.

Compared with the window system:

1. System: Compared with WIN, MAC is definitely more beautiful, smarter, more stable and easier to use than WIN. However, in Malaysia, because most people use the WIN system, and the WIN system enters Malaysia earlier, everyone is first and foremost, and thinks that the PC is better used, and the MAC is a vase. The two files are incompatible, resulting in people who use MAC have no advantage in this environment. (For domestic users, PC wins)

2, Software: This is the biggest weakness of MAC in the country, because everyone is used to free software, pirated software, and use MAC, then a lot of software is not pirated, at least not so Easy to find. (For domestic users, PC wins)

3, Industrial Design: This is the most easily found difference between MAC and PC, PC is ever-changing, well-designed, and also shoddy, MAC is simple and exquisite, design is very strong, Work very well. Internal (only compared to brand machines): MAC’s system design is reasonable, and the internal circuit design is excellent. (MAC win)

4, Cost Performance: Compared with PC, under the same performance, MAC price is much higher. (For domestic users, PC wins)

Analysis of the quality of Apple computers should be compared and analyzed from the following aspects;

Performance; Apple’s CPU performance is absolutely strong. Apple has always been disdain for low-end products, but most of the graphics cards used by Apple are basically the core graphics cards that come with cpu.

You can understand that Intel’s integrated graphics, relatively poor performance, and a strong CPU match, a bit of an anticlimax.

If you are a gamer, it is not recommended to buy an Apple notebook. (Apple notebook is suitable for office use)

Quality and workmanship; quality and workmanship are definitely second to none in IT. As long as you don’t take your notebook as a brick, Apple notebooks won’t go wrong.

Cooling; this apple is also very good, magnesium alloy shell, fanless design, dust can not enter, plus fewer heating components, very consistent with the concept of energy saving and low carbon.

Convenient; there is no need to say anything about convenience. When you see Apple’s mac air, you know that ultra-thin notebooks should be liked.

System problems; I saw a lot of people said that they (Apple system) use a variety of inconvenience, but the system is not a problem at all, you can ask people to install a windows system.
The price; the price is the highest in the IT session, after all, a penny is worth the goods.

Apple Computer is a product developed and marketed by Apple. Apple originally called Apple Computer’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Its core business is electronic technology products, and the current global computer market share is 3.8%.

Apple’s Apple II fueled the PC revolution in the 1970s, and the Macintosh relay continued to grow in the 1980s.

The best-known products are Apple II, Macintosh computers, iPod digital music players, iTunes music stores and iPhone smartphones, which are known for innovation in high-tech companies.


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