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Ten Iron Rules for Computer Maintenance

  1. Never think of yourself as a master, and don’t let the other person say that you are a master. When they like you, you have to say, I try my best, but I can’t guarantee to fix it. Otherwise, the master also shouted, and the computer did not fix much.
  2. The problem involving hardware is as much as possible to find after-sales. If it is a unit, look for after-sales, because people’s quality is excellent. If it is a personal matter, try to let them go to the after-sales. In particular, the warranty period is even more to find after-sales, remember to be an official after-sales.
  3. If the problem can be solved without open the computer, don’t open it. It is because people perception is that their’s computers are very good, you must fix them if you open them.
  4. Initially check the problem, solve it with confidence, and solve it as soon as possible. Don’t say that you put the computer here first, I will take a good look. Then, your problem will be big. First, you must solve it. Second, once you have a lot of things busy, the computer repairs will delay you, and you will be left unemployed. The level is not high, no 12 Solve the problem within an hour.
  5. If they allow you to reinstall the system, don’t bother, reload it. Because the reinstallation system not only solves the problem quickly, but also the system is new and the operation effect is super good.
  6. Before reinstalling the system, you must ask which information needs to be backed up, just backup the most needed, and you must not promise otherwise.
  7. Never solve the problem remotely by phone or whatsapp, because it is possible that the other party does not know what you are talking about or what you are doing. If you do not solve the problem, you are ruined.
  8. Try not to move other people’s computers, and don’t help others uninstall garbage software and clean up junk files. Because it is possible that your touch, some of the other’s programs can’t run, the other’s system crashes one day, the other party’s data is lost, and the other’s privacy documents are made public. These are all bad.
  9. Do not touch any maintenance other than a computer, such as a network, printer, USB flash drive, data recovery, etc. As long as you touch, everyone will find you when they encounter such problems.
  10. Never help people buy a computer. When they say that you are trustworthy, you have to tell them that in fact, you haven’t paid attention to the latest market and configuration, and let them go to the market to shop around. Otherwise, you will be considered to have a kickback, and the computer is broken. You should always go to the door to fix it.


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