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From the generation of the world’s first computer, to now, the computer has passed several era. Initially it was a large area, to the current notebook, ultrabook and so on. However, as computers enter every household, the use of computers becomes more frequent. If the computer is used for a long time, it will be easy to heat up. If the heat is not good, it will affect the performance of the computer and reduce the life of the computer. Others will not repeat too much, the following is a small series to give you a detailed introduction to the reasons and solutions for the computer is too hot.

The reason why the computer is prone to overheating

1. The heat of the screen, the sin is backlit

Although the LCD screen of the notebook is not small, the crystal inside the screen needs to consume a certain amount of power when it is turned over. However, this process consumes less power and generates less heat. It is really not the culprit of screen heating. The reason why we think that the screen is hot, the key is the backlight of the screen. We must know that although the current notebook has adopted LED backlight instead of CCFL tube on a large scale, the structure simplification and efficiency have been improved, but the LED backlight is illuminated. The efficiency is only about 30%, and the remaining 70% of the electricity is still converted into heat, so the screen will probably generate 5W of heat.

2. Hard disk heat, high speed rotation

For mechanical hard disks, the high-speed rotation of 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm of the platter is the main cause of heat generation. In this case, the motor efficiency is less than 100%, and heat is inevitable. Although the disc is sealed in a clean chamber, it is not vacuum. After high-speed rotation, the air in the chamber will become warm and dry.

3. The heat of the battery lies in the internal resistance

During charging and discharging, I always feel that the battery is hot. This is not surprising. The battery has internal resistance, and the current is not small when charging and discharging. You can know that the battery has a large internal resistance. Not too small. With the aging of the battery, the drying of the electrolyte or the aging of the polymer, the deterioration of the activity of the lithium ion or the positive and negative materials, the chemical internal resistance of the lithium battery will further increase, which is not only caused by The reduction of the battery capacity will also lead to a further increase in the amount of heat generated by the battery during charging and discharging, which is the main reason why many people think that the notebook battery is getting hotter and hotter.

4. The heat of the chip, many reasons

For notebooks, the biggest heat is CPU, graphics card and other chips, then why are these semiconductor chips hot? There are many reasons. The first is conduction heat, which means that the electrical energy is transmitted inside the chip. Because the wire has a certain resistance, it causes heat. Don’t think that the CPU is so big, the internal wires are not much longer. It should be known that the current SNB chip has built in 1.16 billion transistors, so if the wires connecting the components are connected, the length is considerable. The high integration of the CPU makes the wire unable to be made wide, and the resistivity of the wire rises rapidly. Thus, the heat generated by the transmission loss of the power inside the CPU cannot be ignored.


1. Regular cleaning.

2. When adding a memory stick, it should be added at the discretion of the professional advice, you need to consider whether the CPU supports, or it may burn the computer.

3. The optimization master can give the computer a comprehensive test, as well as the temperature detection, the temperature is too high will alarm, CPU, graphics card, hard disk temperature in real-time display, beyond this reasonable temperature it will be red, so that we can give us a reference when normal using.

4. The notebook try not to play large scale games for a long time, large scale games are consuming a lot processing power!

5. Reduce the use of computers on the bed, it is inevitable, you can buy a special table on the bed. Put the computer directly on the quilt, and once the vent hole is blocked, there may be a fire house!

6. Please do not use the computer for a long time, please shut down directly, standby will also generate heat, if the environment is not conducive to heat dissipation, the computer is also damaged.

7. The life of the laptop is generally 3-5 years, if your love machine is getting worse and worse, you can consider upgrading, after all, electronic products are updated very quickly, improving hardware is the last word.

In the above, we have a comprehensive introduction to the causes of computer fever and related information. From the above we can roughly understand that the computer is too hot, mainly because the CPU processing is running too high, or it may be caused by poor heat dissipation of the machine itself. Therefore, when using the computer daily, pay attention to regular maintenance. Otherwise it will reduce the service life, and if it is serious, it will burn out the computer accessories. Therefore, we need to master some tips, such as turning off the computer power when not in use for a long time, and considering whether the CPU can support when adding a memory module.

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