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Asus Service Centre in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our computer shop also serves as an Asus Service centre that is highly sought after by Asus users in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor. When your Asus laptop or desktop needs troubleshooting and your device is over the warranty period, send it over to the professionals at Geld Technologies. We provide solutions to Asus users in KL for their computer repair needs at an affordable price.

We Repair the Following Computer Models Including:

  • Asus Zenbook
  • Asus Vivobook
  • Asus Studiobook
  • Asus Chromebook
  • And other Asus computer and laptop models

Our Computer Service Shop Can Help You with The Following Computer Issues:

  • Performance Issues

When your Asus laptop starts lagging when running programs with high requirements and responds slowly when loading applications, this becomes an inconvenience and can disrupt your work or studies. The recommended option would be to send your Asus laptop to Geld Technologies to fix and resolve this matter. Our staff will do our best to tune up the slow computer and improve the laptop’s performance.

  • Water Damage

Accidentally spilled a drink onto your Asus computer? Not to worry, send your Asus laptop to us and let our experienced technicians repair your device. We have the necessary means to fix Asus laptop water damage problems.

  • Keyboard Issues

After using your Asus laptop for several years, it is quite normal for laptop keyboards to not be as efficient as before. Since laptop keyboards are not built to last forever, common problems include non-responsive buttons, buttons popping or getting stuck. It is best to engage a laptop keyboard repair service because using a laptop without a properly functioning keyboard is a frustrating experience. 

Why Send Your Laptops and Desktops to Our Asus Service Centre?

Geld Technologies has a team of IT experts to resolve most of your Asus laptop issues. Our team aims to have an effective solution for every customer’s enquiry. You will always get the best quality computer services at an affordable price when you engage our laptop repair services.

Are you still looking for the best Asus Service Centre in Klang Valley or Shah Alam? Please do get in touch with our friendly customer service staff by phone call at 016-666-9438, WhatsApp message or live chat so that we can help you with your Asus computer repair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Geld Technologies an authorized Asus Service Centre?

No, Geld Technologies is not an authorized Asus Service Centre. However, our experienced IT team performs our best to repair your out-of-warranty Asus laptop by using the best and genuine computer products and spare parts.

What if the same problem reoccurs after my device is fixed by your company?

We acknowledge that sometimes we are unable to identify the root cause of a problem which causes the same issues to reappear after your Asus device is fixed by us. Our service warranty ensures that we will troubleshoot and repair your computer until the problem is resolved or you will receive a refund. We reassure you that our professional IT team is committed to resolve your issues and not make a quick profit.

What should I do before sending my Asus device to your team for repair?

Before sending your Asus computer to our IT team for repair, it is recommended that you backup your important data first to avoid the risk of losing your data permanently. Also, it is best to label your Asus device properly with your name and contact details.

It is also best to remove sensitive, personal or confidential data on your Asus laptop to protect your privacy. We will still need your computer’s username and password in order to access it and perform a thorough computer diagnosis test.

Why Geld Technologies Is Your Best Choice?

Guarantee Work


We happily offer free fixing if anything happen to the repair we've done.

Onsite Visit


You don't need to pull out your wiring of a computer, we can come to your front door ready to fix your computer.

No Fix No Pay


If we start a task and realise we can't fix it, we will provide full refund.

Our Company's Promise

Money Cashback Guarantee

100% Money-back Guarantee within 14 Days

Enjoy total peace of mind when you hire us. Geld Technologies offers a "100% money-back guarantee within 14 Days" assurance when you engage our service - so there are ZERO risks on your part!

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