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lenovo logoNotebook is another mainstream trend of today’s computers. Of course, when you use it, you will encounter many faults. In terms of faults, it is divided into software faults and hardware faults. Software faults are relatively simple. Geld Technologies can generally solve Lenova laptop software and hardware failure, we are expertise including motherboard, CPU, hard disk, memory, screen repair and so on.

1. If the T20 is dark on the boot screen, 90% of the power supply of the high voltage strip is gone, that is, the screen line is broken.
2. If the R32 is not recognized by the CD-ROM drive, most of them are welded to the south bridge.
3. If the T30 is not easy to use, the NIC chip is broken.
4. If the A30/31 is a boot screen, most of the graphics card BGA is soldered.
5. IBM T20 T21 T22 T23 four machines are low-end machines, have the same common problem, CPU power chip (ADP3421 and ADP3410) is easy to break, usually change a pair when changing.
6. IBM T40 T41 T42 three machines, graphics card (7500, 32M) easy to solder, three of the same appearance, the motherboard can be interchanged. Fault phenomenon, 1 flower screen but external connection is normal. 2 After entering the system, it is down or very slow. 3 power does not turn on.
7. IBM X31 boot does not self-test, the NEC filter capacitor next to the North Bridge is a little bigger, it is OK.
8. Lenovo SL300 SL400 SL500 boot dark screen, mostly an open circuit near the screen line interface on the main board and a non-polar capacitor short circuit, replace it.
9. Lenovo Zhaoyang E370 and Tianyi 100 main board and other main components are the same, interchangeable, these two models are easy to spend the screen, the problem is that the screen line is loose, re-plugging and then sticking with paper tape can solve, but the repair rate is high, fundamentally The solution is to replace a new screen line.
10. Lenovo Rising Sun 125 screen axis is easy to break.
11. Lenovo Idea Pad Y430 notebook screen is easy to break (141WLED), and this battery is also prone to problems
12, IBM X31, failure: press the power button to trigger the power, the indicator status is working properly, the fault code card shows 00, this is generally the X31 common disease, or the MAX1845 is bad, no 1.2V voltage is generated, or the MAX1845 side The C683 capacitor is bad or has poor performance.
13, IBM R61I series of machines, there is power-on and power-off, 3.3V and 5V.1.5V are still there after power-off, 1.8V is gone. It is found that most of the capacitors behind the graphics card have short-circuit phenomenon, mainly to see if there is burning black.

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