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Nowadays, there are many technology products that have become part of our lives. We can’t do without them, such as the mobile phones and computers we use. The computer is our little helper, both at work and in learning. Computers have desktop computers and laptops. Laptops are more convenient to carry because they have a battery that can be used without plugging in. Today we will take a closer look at the computer battery.<

Use of computer battery

Fast sleep
To save battery power when not using a laptop for a while, we can set the power management scheme to make the system go to sleep after a period of time, so that the laptop system can quickly enter the sleep state, which is to close the display directly. Pressing the display is just a little effort, so that the laptop can go to sleep immediately, effectively saving battery power. When you need to use it again, just turn on the display and the system will automatically return to the state before the operation.
Power saving mode
The TFT screen is the most power-consuming component in a notebook computer. In order to reduce the power consumed by the battery when it is used, the notebook computer manufacturers have their own methods, but generally adopt a method of reducing the brightness of the screen or even turning off the screen.
In some laptops’ power management settings, you can customize the brightness of the screen. Most laptops can adjust the brightness of the screen through specific shortcut keys. Generally, there are 6-8 levels of brightness adjustment.
Energy saving settings
The desktop computer uses AC power, and most people don’t pay much attention to the computer’s energy-saving features, but for laptops that need to be powered by batteries, the use of energy-saving features should be taken seriously. How computer hardware is designed to be more energy efficient is not a problem that users have to solve. What the user can do is effectively use the power saving option on the computer settings.
There are two settings for energy saving settings that need to be adjusted by the user: First, there are settings for the energy saving mode in the BIOS setup program of the computer; the most important is that there are many energy saving settings and operations in the operating system. When the microcomputer system is actually executed, the energy saving settings in the Windows system should take precedence over the settings in the CMOS.

Precautions for replacing the battery

(1) If more than half of the cells in the battery are damaged, it is best to replace them all, otherwise the newly replaced cells will be quickly disabled due to several other cells that will be damaged.
(2) The batteries to be replaced are preferably the same brand. Do not combine the batteries of several brands casually. This will affect the overall life. Even if the batteries of the brand are unified, they should be tested for their internal resistance. The battery is as close as possible to the performance.
(3) In the process of changing the core, if there is no spot welder, it may be necessary to use soldering iron to solder. At this time, it should be noted that the welding time should not be too long. It can be welded several times in one time, but the welding time is short.
(4) Since the circuit board protecting the battery core has a self-locking function, it is better to use an external power supply with the same battery voltage when replacing the battery core to prevent the circuit board from being powered down and self-locking.
(5) The positive and negative poles of the battery core cannot be connected incorrectly, and the insulation between adjacent batteries should be done well.

Battery maintenance

In daily use, keep the contact points on both ends of the notebook battery and the inside of the battery cover clean. If the surface of the notebook battery is dirty, wipe it gently with a soft, clean dry cloth to avoid power loss. If you do not intend to use the battery for a long time or do not use the notebook, you must remove the battery from the notebook and discharge it completely, then store it in a dry, cool environment. In addition, try to avoid storing the battery together with ordinary metal objects (especially magnetic objects) to prevent the battery from being oxidized or electromagnetically interfered with by metal objects.
Laptops are now the preferred choice for most college students and some young people because they are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used anytime, anywhere, and today’s laptops are beautifully styled. Nowadays notebooks are getting thinner and thinner, and the quality naturally becomes very light and convenient. But we all know that the battery life of laptops is not very long, so many people will have their own battery when they go out. We still need to remember the maintenance of the computer battery to delay its life.


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