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Apple Tablet iPad Home Key Failure. What are some iPad Home Button Key problems?

As one of the few physical buttons for all iOS model generation devices, the Home button which is located near the bezel edge is the most frequently used one. You need to use it to exit a program, access the background, and it is even used to boot up the device. It is also used as a convenient tool that secures your device. 

Although upgrading the iOS5 using the internal hand gesture function has a virtual key instead of the physical Home button, this palliative is not a cure, hence the Home button must be functional at all times. It will take a while for the Home button to become insensitive.

Of course, if you are facing any problems where the main Home button’s hardware is damaged or the logic board is not working anymore, then there is no other way. Find a technician to solve it, but if it is due to software-related issues, dust accumulation, or voltage charge imbalance, then it is still safe.

The following methods are for reference only. When your Home button fails, you may give these steps a try.

Method 1: Software Debugging to re-adjust the Home button.

Open and try playing a game or running a software app, such as the weather.

Tap and continue holding the power key for a few seconds until the “slide to power off” display popup shows. At this point, you can release the button, but do not slide it as it will switch off the device. Tap the Home button for a few seconds until it returns to the menu screen. You should have re-adjusted the Home key and it should work fine. However, if you still can’t use the Home key after trying, it may be a hardware problem and you will need to find an Apple after-sales service center to solve the issue.

Method 2: External Power Supply May Solve The Problem of Voltage Charge Balance

First, insert the data connector + power supply charging device, connect the iOS device with the external power supply, and then press and hold the Home key without releasing it until “Voice Control” appears. At this time, disconnect the battery plug and the data cable and the Home button should return to normal. This may be an issue of voltage charge imbalance to a degree.

Other tips would be to apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol and clean the button thoroughly or remove any adhesive layer that might be a blocker for the key to function. If you have decided to replace the home key assembly yourself, ensure metal tools are not used. 

Extra precautions should be taken when using sharp tools such as a screwdriver so as not to damage or loosen the camera and screen. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to bring it to an expert as they have special toolkits that are suitable and compatible for fixing Apple products such as iPad screws, bracket holders, suction cup, etc.

For more information on repairing the Apple home key, kindly contact us and we will be glad to respond. Don’t hesitate any longer and visit our computer service shop in Subang Jaya, Selangor for securing a speedy PC fix and parts replacement service. 

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