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Laptop viruses mainly include ordinary viruses for the purpose of destroying laptop files, and hackers and Trojans that steal other people’s notebook data and secrets through the Internet. The following sections describe how to find and clear a computer infected with a Trojan.

1. General virus diagnosis and elimination

Laptop viruses can destroy files or data, causing user data to be lost or corrupted; preempting system network resources, causing network congestion or system shackles; destroying operating system software or computer motherboards and other hardware, causing the computer to fail to boot, so it must be discovered and killed in time Virus off.

When the laptop is infected with a virus, it usually crashes abnormally, or the program loading time increases, the running speed of the file decreases, or the screen displays abnormally. The screen displays an interface or string that is not generated by the normal program, the screen displays confusion, or the system Booting on your own, or a “busy” signal on a device that the user does not have access to, or a disk with inexplicable files and bad blocks, a change in volume label, or loss of data or programs, a change in the number of bytes in the file, or a problem with printing, printing Slow down or print abnormal characters. Or memory space, disk space is reduced, or disk access time is longer than usual, or there are inexplicable hidden files, or programs or data are mysteriously lost, or system boot time is increasing, or The size of the executable file changes.

After the above failure phenomenon occurs in the notebook computer, the following methods can be used for maintenance.

Install the latest version of anti-virus software (such as Rising, etc.), and then kill the virus; anti-virus software will automatically check for viruses. If there is a virus, the anti-virus software will automatically remove the virus.

2. Hacker, Trojan virus diagnosis and elimination

The purpose of hackers and Trojans is generally to steal the personal secrets of laptop users, bank passwords, company secrets, etc., rather than to damage the user’s laptop. Therefore, after the laptop is infected with hackers and Trojans, the system generally does not suffer damage. . Just because hackers and Trojans are running on laptops and need to take up the resources of laptops, the speed of laptops may become slower. In addition, laptops still look busy when not using laptops.

If the laptop is infected with hackers or Trojans, the following methods can be used for maintenance.

1. Install the latest version of anti-virus software and firewall (such as Rising), then run anti-virus software to kill.

2. Manually find hackers and Trojans. The specific operation methods are as follows.

◆ Restart the laptop to safe mode, then click the “View — Folder Options” command in the window, then click to switch to the “View” tab and uncheck “Hide Protected” in the “Advanced Options” list box. The Operating System Files (Recommended) checkbox, and select the “Show all files and folders” radio button, then click the “OK” button to make all files visible.

◆ Open the C drive in “My Computer” and check if there are unfamiliar files in the root directory of the c drive. If there is, and the date is the day the poisoning was discovered, delete it.

◆ After viewing the root directory of the C drive, and then open the MNDOWS folder in the C drive, first select the icon in the modified time sequence to view the bottom file. If you find a new file on the day of poisoning and you have not seen it, delete it.

◆ Enter the system32 folder in the WINDOWS folder of the C drive. Also arrange the icons in the order of modification time to view the files and folders. If you find that the newly created file or folder is poisoned and it has not been seen, delete it.

◆ View the Internet Explorer folder and Common Files folder in the Program Files folder of the C drive, and view it according to the above method.

◆ Check the startup items of the registry to see if there are any startup items that you don’t know. If so, delete them, empty the temporary folder (C:\WINDOWS\Temp), and then restart the laptop.

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