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The video or graphics card is one of the most important components in a computer or laptop. In the daily use of the computer, sometimes we will encounter an alarm when starting up; no self-test screen, self-test can not pass; display abnormal noise, spots, patterns; black screen, blue screen, etc., most of which are related to the graphics card. If graphics card something goes wrong, then the machine is about half the performance lost. Let’s take a look at the following ways to see what causes our graphics card to not work properly, and how to solve the problem.

The reason is that the virtual welding is not limited to the particles or the display core itself.

The appearance of a video card is a relatively common computer malfunction that may occur around us all the time. Facing the graphics card problem, most users are not clear about the reason, usually will be very busy, and even replace the original hardware.

There may be many reasons for the flower screen, but it is mainly related to several core components of the graphics card. The display of the core damage, as well as the virtual soldering and desoldering of the memory, may cause the screen – because the material used to generate the picture is not read correctly in the video memory, so the texture and texture cannot be loaded correctly. In addition to the graphics card itself, super graphics cards cause core/video memory overheating, and drive problems can also cause incomplete screens, but these are a bit simpler to handle.

The damage of the display core, as well as the problem of virtual soldering and desoldering of the memory, is more troublesome to handle. Even the lowest level of memory soldering is generally required to be done by the BGA soldering station. Generally, this condition is lacking.


If it’s just a driver issue, then it’s fine to re-update the driver. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter the welding and de-soldering, in the warranty period, you should first return to the manufacturer. If the warranty period is over, it is recommended to send the video card to the professional organization such as Geld Technologies, although it is simple. Re-soldering and solidifying the condensation process, there have been cases of graphics card repair, but can not guarantee 100% repair rate, it is not only a new one.

The second reason is that the graphics card connector is not plugged in – black screen, Nvidia graphics card may have prompts these errors.

The graphics card connector is not plugged in. This is a problem during the installation and this is the most common situation. The appearance rate is very high, which causes the monitor to be blank. The Nvidia graphics card may have a prompt these errors.

Today’s graphics cards usually come with an external connector to ensure the power supply requirements of the graphics card. However, when there is always a beginner to install, some may forgot to attach the extra external connector of the graphics card.

When the power supply of the graphics card is insufficient, the display signal will not be output naturally. Moreover, the function of the graphics card is usually not normally enabled. Therefore, some graphics cards with temperature-controlled fan functions can hear the fan screaming. It should be noted that it is not what line is missed.

Solution: Check carefully and connect all the wires.

Possible Cause 3, component damage – no display on black screen

The electronic components of the MOSFET, the power supply capacitor, and the power supply inductance in the graphics card are relatively delicate parts. They cannot enter the water, nor can they be scraped by the metal parts, resulting in a short circuit. Otherwise, there may be less good consequences.

When the graphics card cannot be displayed due to the failure of the electronic components, the debug indicator often shows no problem. However, the main task of the bios is to identify the signal of the graphics card, and if the graphics card fails due to power supply problems. , may not be recognised for bios, or it may be because the signal is not detected, and the set is started by default.

However, if there is an abnormality in the components, in addition to the black screen without display, most of them are accompanied by other phenomena, such as sudden odour, sporadic Mars, smoke and so on. If you see this in the case of a black screen, the situation is not so optimistic, and hurry to repair it!

Solution: Generally only change the video card.

Possible Cause 4, the PCI-E3.0 bus is partially damaged – in some modes, the graphics card has no display (for example, under PCI-E 3.0), but switching to a lower mode (such as PCI-E 2.0) can be displayed.

The incidence of this phenomenon is not very high, it is relatively rare, although it has only been encountered once, but it is very typical.

The phenomenon is that a certain graphics card is in the PCI-E 3.0 slot directly connected to the cpu. In any case, the computer cannot be started, and the state of the black screen is maintained. However, the video card is changed to the second slot, but it can be displayed normally. After entering the system, the video card is found. It works in PCI-E 2.0 mode, and if we manually fix the first slot in PCI-E 2.0 mode, we can start the system smoothly.

In this case, the graphics card can still be used, and even the graphics card will not lose much performance – because PCI-E 2.0 and PCI-E 3.0 are basically the same in today’s environment. It may only be uncomfortable for people with OCD, but it is also a malfunction.


Only the card is changed, because the bus of the graphics card is in the core, and the core cannot be modified. However, if you can, you can lower the motherboard’s bus to make do.

Possible Cause 5, the motherboard does not support SLI – SLI cannot be opened in the system

This kind of dual-card combination in the pursuit of cost-effectiveness may have a chance to encounter, of course, the root cause of this problem is because you want to save money…

Unlike AMD’s crossfire, which is open, nvidia’s SLI requires an authorization fee. Only nvidia SLI is certified to properly open nvidia SLI. On a motherboard that is not certified by nvidia SLI, even if a dual-card configuration is used, SLI configuration may not be possible.

The SLI configuration switch may exist in the BIOS, so there is a precedent for cracking the open SLI by brushing the modified BIOS. But now, with the gradual popularity of UEFI, this situation is much less. There are also many thousands of motherboards that have SLI certification, so it is not expensive to find a motherboard that can support SLI.

Solution: This can only be changed to the motherboard, or only one graphics card.

Possible cause 6, the overscan has not been pulled to the top – the display of the amd graphics card has a black frame

This is a problem often encountered with AMD’s graphics cards.

When AMD’s graphics card is newly installed, the overscan is not completely pulled to the head. Therefore, the displayed image does not fill the display and there is a black border. At this time, don’t think that the graphics card or the display is faulty. You can try to adjust it first. If it still can’t be solved, it is not too late to send the graphics card or monitor.

It should be noted that this small problem of AMD graphics card will only occur in the resolution of 1440*900 and above, and Nvidia also has the option of zooming the screen, but the newly installed card is full screen after the drive is driven, it will not appear. This phenomenon.

Solution: Overscan and pull to the top.

The possible reason is 7, the bios has set the built-in core display priority – no display

The probability of this phenomenon is not high. In bios, there is now a discrete graphics card with PCI-E priority (usually labeled as PCI-E) or integrated graphics (usually labeled as IVG) or auto-select (auto). Options. Conventionally, the general bios setting will set the graphics card to auto, but it is not excluded if some friends have transferred it to the core graphics card, then nothing can be seen on the discrete graphics card.

Solution: First connect the cable to the core graphics output connector on the back of the motherboard, and then adjust it back in the bios.

Possible cause 8: Bios is too old to recognize – black screen

This phenomenon often occurs when the old machine is upgraded, and the old platform needs special attention.

The graphics card has experienced an upgrade process from PCIE 2.0 bus to PCI-E 3.0 bus, and the interface upgrade is like the micro code upgrade version of cpu. If there is no corresponding device id in bios, bios will not correctly identify this device.

Therefore, if your old machine – especially a long time ago, similar to the 2500k + P67 / Z68 combination, before upgrading the graphics card, please take a look at the bios version, maybe your bios is too old.

Solution: Most of this only needs to upgrade the bios, and the new card will be available.

The above is the cause of the common faults of the graphics card and the solution to the problem. There are many problems with the graphics card. These are just some typical situations. The more cases need to be judged flexibly by the knowledge we have. Learn more about computer maintenance and repair, talk to us.


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