Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacement in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our team specialises in laptop keyboard repairs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

A laptop keyboard functions almost the same as a normal computer keyboard. The difference is that a laptop keyboard is attached to the laptop. The laptop keyboard is for typing purposes which is a necessary function of the computer. Without the keyboard, the laptop is not usable and functional. 

We specialise in fixing computer parts and we have been in operation for many years in Klang Valley. While some computer repair shops may suggest buying a new laptop no matter how small the fault is, we can fix your Asus or Acer laptop keyboard easily. 

We may come to a conclusion where we don’t think that changing your keyboard is a cost-effective solution if only one of the keypads stops responding. There are many reasons why your laptop’s keyboard is spoilt including driver issues, broken ribbon cable, different language in the layout settings, turning off your computer without using shutdown command or you somehow install the wrong software for the device. 

Instead of recommending a replacement, we can fix the existing laptop’s keyboard if the error is due to the space bar or other keys, and send it back to you. We have the proper equipment including a special screwdriver to do the removing and fixing. We utilise compressed air pumps to clean dirty and dusty laptop keyboards. Our team would troubleshoot and boot the laptop using AC power only to check if it is a  battery problem.

Common Laptop Keyboard Problems: 

  • Certain keys are not working 

Dysfunctional of some keys in a laptop keyboard may be due to physical damage or could be caused by debris stuck under the keys. We will perform a thorough cleaning of the entire keyboard to ensure that there is no debris stuck under the keys. 

  • Keyboard automatically typing 

This problem is usually caused by a stuck key, which results in the keyboard typing on its own. To make sure the keys are not stuck, one of the methods to do is to clean the keyboard. 

  • Stuck key(s) in a keyboard

Whether there is only one key stuck, or multiple keys stuck, check if it could be due to liquid or water damage. Consider a new laptop keyboard replacement.

  • Wrong characters typed by the keyboard

If the keyboard is inputting the wrong character when you are typing, the issue might be due to the keyboard setting or the language setting, or a deeper issue like hardware or software issue. 

The main causes that your laptop keyboard is not working:

  • Hardware or software issues

If the physical component of the keyboard is not functioning it would be related to a hardware problem, and thus would require replacement. However, if it is related to a software issue, this involves driver issues, operating system issues, or glitches in the laptop that cause the keyboard not to function. 

  • Incorrect keyboard setting

The incorrect keyboard setting may also cause the keyboard not to function properly. Make sure the settings are in order and current for it to function properly. 

  • Num Lock or Fn Lock

The keyboard’s functionality can also be affected due to Num Lock and Fn Lock. You may want to try switching the Num Lock and Fn Lock functions to adjust the keyboard. 

  • Virus issue

Certain laptop viruses may alter or make the keyboard function weird, causing the keyboard to stop working. This can be resolved by running a virus and malware scan to determine the cause of the error. 

  • Physical damage

The keyboard may also stop working due to physical damage like impact damage or water damage. 

How to check if your laptop keyboard malfunction is a hardware or software problem?

    • Connect an external keyboard to your laptop to troubleshoot the problem. If the external keyboard is not functioning, it may be caused by a software error.
    • Boot in safe mode. Next, you may try to reboot the laptop in a safe mode. If the keyboard works properly in the safe mode, it may be due to a software problem.
    • Try the onscreen keyboard to determine whether the issue is due to hardware or software. 
    • Look for physical damage on your laptop’s keyboard which could indicate a hardware issue. 

Why Hire Our Laptop Keyboard Fixing Service in KL?

  • We are mobile

We understand that it may not be convenient for some customers to bring their laptop with the damaged keyboard to our shop, so we go to your home or office location anywhere in Klang Valley, Kepong, or Shah Alam to collect the said devices. If you are looking for a Dell or Lenovo laptop keyboard repair, just contact us and we will be on our way.

  • We offer a money-back guarantee

If we begin work on your laptop’s keyboard and if we are not able to fix it after our troubleshooting process, although this rarely happens, we will give you a full refund. In addition, we provide a service warranty on all our laptop repairing services.

  • We use reliable and compatible spare parts

If we have to gently remove and change certain parts of your keyboard and snap it back to its original slot, we will inform you of the cost to fix it upfront. Rest assured we will only use compatible keyboard parts from a reliable manufacturer.  

  • Affordable service charges

We perform quality laptop keyboard repair services at affordable prices.

Did you accidentally spilled water, milk, beer, coffee, or other liquids on your laptop causing the keyboard to stop working? Other problems include a stuck button, broken external cables, etc. We were able to fix all of them. 

So, if you have a faulty laptop keyboard, instead of troubling yourself to look for a fix or how-to-guide online, please bring it over to our physical laptop service centre in Subang Jaya for our staff to fix it for you. 

Do you have a faulty laptop keyboard? What are you waiting for? Search no more. Why don’t you contact us today. You can call us, send us a message on WhatsApp, or shoot us an email. We will reply to you quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a laptop keyboard be repaired?

Yes, a laptop keyboard can be repaired, but it would need to be done by a professional computer repair technician to perform the entire process.

What should I do if my laptop keyboard stops working?

The first step is to identify the main cause why the laptop keyboard stops working. This process can be performed by a special repair technician. The next step is to repair the laptop keyboard.

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