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Computer Diagnosis in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Our IT expert technicians can assist you with computer diagnosis for your PC and laptops for various models and brands across Kuala Lumpur, and Petaling Jaya, Selangor. We will perform the required testing and inform you of the findings before proceeding with any PC repair work.

A computer is composed of various components and parts including the motherboard, a CPU, a graphics card, memory drives, a hard disk drive, a battery, and an LCD display screen unit. All computers or laptops are prone to develop problems, especially after a few years of use. The resulting problems may also be caused by hardware devices that are damaged or worn out, or due to the installation of certain programs on your PC.

In the process of repairing them, you must know the common hardware and software tools that may help for diagnostic purposes and knowledge of computer terminology to solve the problem yourself if you have the time. You should also run regular PC cleanup routines using a reliable scanner tool so you could detect problematic signs earlier. 

If you are facing various computer or laptop device failures, and you do not wish to learn to diagnose the problems yourself or follow fixing instructions that you read online to troubleshoot the symptoms and the cause of why your computer is dead, it is easier to send your computer to the nearest computer repair shop in Kuala Lumpur for assistance. 

There are many IT experts in Malaysia, specifically here in central Klang Valley that can supply computer repair services but it’s not easy to hire a reliable one.

Our IT experts can help check, run tests, and scan for any specific issues that often occur in computers or laptops. Our services covers many aspects including boot failure display, loud noises coming from your laptop when running hardware intensive programs such as video games, PC not being able to shutdown properly, and power button getting stuck at the Apple logo when booting up Mac laptops.

Our regular computer diagnosis and repair service includes:

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