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We’re experts in repair all models of Mac back to original condition

5 Basic Self-checking Steps After Mobile Phone Repair

When our mobile phone has an incurable problem, I believe that most people will choose to repair the mobile repair station to handle the faulty machine. After getting the repaired mobile phone, I also believe that many people will only look at whether the...

Common Troubleshooting Methods for Printers

A printer is a commonly used office equipment, which mainly includes a dot matrix printer, an inkjet printer, a laser printer and others. At the same time, the printer is also a faulty easily office equipment, and the maintenance of the printer is mostly...

Virus Removal Strategy: How to Clean Computer Virus

When a computer is infected with a virus, if no urgent measures are taken for emergency treatment, the system will be exploding, but if effective measures are taken, most of the computer viruses can be quickly removed and the damaged part of the system can...

Ransomware on the list of 2016 Kaspersky Lab annual topics

In 2016, the company's extortion software infringement was tripled. This means that in January, the company suffered an infringement every 2 minutes, and in October, the company suffered an infringement every 40 seconds. For individual users, it is an...

Exceptional PC Tune Ups at Geld Technologies

Does your computer shut down? Or, even worse, have you ever come across the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)? Do you have problems configuring or troubleshooting your computer’s networks? Facing any system failure bugs? Is your computer horribly sluggish? Like any...

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