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microsoft logo Speaking of Bill Gates, everyone’s impression is that he is the world’s richest man, the famous technology company Microsoft founded by him. In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen co-founded this world-renowned technology company. Among all the technology products, the most famous ones are their independently developed Windows operating system and Microsoft office system. Today, Microsoft surface tablet to be introduced combines with the best technology of these two Microsoft product. Let’s take a look at their specific content. 1. Development of Microsoft surface Microsoft’s surface products were announced around June 2012, and they entered the market around October. Later, they developed second- and third-generation products. The second generation includes two series of surface2 and surface Pro2. The difference between the two is mainly reflected in the configuration. The performance and memory size of the processor are different. In general, the surface Pro is an upgraded version of the surface. Today’s third-generation surface products include the three series of surface3, surface Pro3 and surface Pro4. In addition to upgrading on the basis of the second generation, it is not only used as a tablet, but also more powerful than a laptop, and has been streamlined to make it lighter to carry, the resolution of the screen has also been improved, and the battery life is optimized. . 2. Microsoft surface configuration After understanding the history of the surface class, let’s take a look at how their respective configurations are. Taking the latest third-generation products as an example, we introduce the configuration parameters of surface Pro3 and Pro4. The two products are divided into three versions: 64G, 128G, and 256G storage space. The running memory is divided into 4G and 8G versions. Surface Pro3: In addition to the common features described above, Pro3’s screen is 12 inches, supports multi-touch, battery life is 10 hours, standby time is 15-20 days. The Intel 4th generation Core processor has three versions of i3, i5 and i7, and the front and rear cameras are 5 megapixels. The configuration has a surface stylus. Surface Pro4: Pro4’s screen size is 12.5 inches, the screen is a multi-touch capacitive screen, battery life difference and Pro3 is not big, the processor uses Intel’s sixth generation skylake Core i5 processor, the pixel also has The front-end is still 5 million pixels, and the rear is raised to 8 million pixels. The lighter body can also execute PC software.


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