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How to add a memory stick to the computer? How to upgrade your computer’s memory, upgrade memory is very simple, do not require you to have a very professional computer knowledge, as long as you follow the steps below, you will be able to complete your own upgrade at any time.

How to add memory to the computer

The computer’s memory is used as a temporary storage data device to ensure that the computer runs faster and smoother while you play games, open programs, applications, and therefore browse the Internet. The memory access on your computer at startup will be open to any use during the taskbar and your operating system. If you find that your computer is getting slower or crashing more often, you may need to add more memory when you use some large programs. Upgrading the memory is very simple and does not require you to have a very professional computer knowledge. As long as you follow the steps below, you will be able to complete your own upgrade at any time.

How to upgrade your computer’s memory:

Shut down Before dealing with any hardware within your computer, you should always turn off your system properly and unplug the power cord from the wall, from the monitor cable on the back of the tower. Open up casing To access your system memory inside, remove the screws from the back of the side panel where the computer is held. Once the removed side panel of the screw slides out effortlessly. Examine You need to determine the type of memory you have installed, how much already exists, if there are slots available. Have the label, hold it into memory and delete the chip you just slide the tab and straighten out. The chip will tell you the type and size and speed. If you are going to replace the chip, make sure you have taken the smallest chip out before replacing it with a new one. If you have open slots, you can leave the existing memory installation and just install them with the new chip. Installation The memory itself will only enter the slot one-way seat. Make sure you have the correct line and push it in until you hear or feel it click into place. Power up When you replace the case, restore the power and video cables and boot your system, you should see that the memory is automatically read on the screen to read. There is no software installed, no drivers required, and no necessary modifications have been configured. After the memory is plug and play and after the actual installation, no further installation will be required.

How to judge whether the system memory is insufficient?

If you want to make a slow-moving old computer run faster, adding memory has always been the most affordable way to upgrade your computer. After purchasing the computer for a while, they need more memory to cope with the latest software released. New operating systems usually also require more memory to support. When the computer’s memory is not enough, it has to exchange data with the hard disk frequently, and the performance of the system will be significantly slower.

How do I know if I need more memory?

Check your computer’s memory usage by opening the Windows Task Manager, holding down the Ctrl-Alt-Del key (Vista users need to select “Start Task Manager”) and then select the Performance tab. If the data displayed after “Usage” under “Physical Memory” is around 0, and your computer doesn’t seem to respond fast enough, you need more memory.

How much memory do I need?

View original memory specification Adding memory is the most economical way to upgrade the computer. First, check the parameters of the memory module (brand interface specification bus frequency and other parameters). Only the memory with the same parameters as the local machine can play its due effect. Expected experience, how to view? Take Lu Master as an example, open Master Lu → in the main interface → switch to hardware detection → right test memory item to see the parameters: specification bus frequency. Buy the same specification memory The easiest way to buy memory: buy exactly the same, the benefit of doing this is that
  1. Don’t worry about whether the interface can be plugged in;
  2. If the bus frequency is different, one is 1333MHz and the other is 1600MHz. Both memories will run at a lower 1333MHz. There are no two frequencies running at the same time.
  3. can purchase the same brand as the same brand as possible, the chip work process is different for different brands of memory, the effect will be different when running.
  4. go to the market to buy waterproof goods; fake memory, if you can’t tell the difference, it is best to take the home.
  5. Which kind of memory is suitable for my computer?
There are many types of memory, including DDR, DDR2, and DDR3. Newer technologies offer better performance, but many motherboards only support one type of memory. Check your PC’s manual to find out which memory modules you need and how to install them. Memory vendors such as Crucial and Kingston offer convenient online tools to help users determine which memory should be used on different computers and motherboards. Many upgraded computers use dual-channel memory, which means you must install paired memory for maximum performance. Or installing two 512M memories is much better than installing a 1G memory. Remind me again, check out the documentation for your computer.


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