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MSI Laptop Repair in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We have been experts in MSI laptop repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for many years.

MSI laptop is a gaming notebook launched by MSI, specially designed for gamers – equipped with the latest top graphics cards, with vivid backlit keyboards. MSI laptops have a well-known reputation for being good quality gaming laptops. The laptop has amazing graphics capabilities, and innovative designs make MSI laptops one of the top-notch gaming laptops for all your gaming needs. 

In addition, in the factory production, each MSI laptop has undergone complex testing projects including keyboard/touch panel life test, heavy pressure test, drop test, temperature and humidity test), lockdown test, USB connector test, noise test, readability test, anti-static test, system performance test and many other tests.

We Offer MSI Laptop Repair for The Following:

MSI main laptops are in the gaming laptop category, we provide repair services for the MSI gaming laptops series, including the following: 

  • Titan GT Series
  • Stealth Series
  • Raider GE Series
  • Vector GP Series
  • Crosshair / Pulse GL Series
  • Sword / Katana GF Series
  • Cyborg / Thin GF Series
  • Delta Series
  • Alpha Series
  • Bravo Series

We also have MSI content creation laptop repair service including the Creator Series and Workstation Series and MSI business and productivity laptop repairs, including the Summit, Prestige and Modern laptop series.

Types of MSI Laptop Problem That We Can Fix Includes:

  • HDD to SSD Upgrade
  • Laptop Screen-Related Problems

We understand that cracked laptop screens can be frustrating. We can replace damaged MSI laptop screens. We can repair either minor cracks or major cracks.  

  • Liquid Damage

We are experts in fixing MSI laptop liquid damage issues which includes professional laptop cleaning and repairing.

  • Keyboard Issues

Unresponsive keyboards can be frustrating. Keyboard problems like a stuck key, or missing keys, can be solved by replacing or repairing the laptop’s keyboard

  • Microphone Problems 

The laptop’s microphone is important for gamers and microphone problems can cause issues and disruptions with the audio input and output. 

  • Computer Motherboard Issues

We are experts in diagnosing and repairing laptop motherboard problems. Motherboard repair can be complex; thus we are the right professional experts to perform the repair, including component-level repairs, and replacing a motherboard. 

Has your MSI laptop been bothering you and needs to be repaired? To resolve your problem, please contact our team and send your device to our laptop repair shop in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, for a fast computer diagnostic and repairs with a small markup price, all tailored in effective and efficient service for more convenience.

Our IT experts are applying professionalism and always have our customers in mind when performing their work on MSI products and other brands. 

For more information about our list of work, feel free to give us a call or contact us today, and we’d be happy to assist you.


Are MSI laptops repairable?

Yes, MSI laptops are repairable depending on the complexity of the matter. Contact us for consultation and for your MSI laptop and desktop repair, including other computer brands. Our repair experts are always ready to assist to fix your laptops and desktops.

Are MSI laptops worth it?

Definitely! MSI laptops are one of the best quality laptops with top-notch quality.

How many years do MSI laptops last?

MSI laptops are made to last for long, with high durability and great quality and performance. But, like other laptops, the lifespan of an MSI laptop depends on the usage and maintenance performed on the laptop over the years of use. Usually, an MSI laptop would last up to five years.

How long is the MSI laptop warranty?

The warranty varies depending on the laptop’s series with a minimum of 1 year up to 3 years of warranty. Make sure you check with the store on the warranty period before purchasing.

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