How to Be Cautious When Choosing a Mobile Phone Service Center in KL or Selangor

Be cautious when choosing mobile phone service centre in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, otherwise your mobile phone will become more difficult to use after repair.

I believe that many of our friends have had the experience that the mobile phone has broken down and repaired. Sometimes we¬† notice that the repaired mobile phone has become hard to use. Why is this so? Let’s our team help you to take a look at these mobile phone repair platform.

Why do some mobile phones become difficult to use after repair?

Mobile phone replacement non-original hardware: If you go to the official repair shop of a non-brand mobile phone, it will rarely be repaired with original hardware. For example, changing screens, changing batteries, some will use high imitation and refurbished hardware, and some may also give you poor quality hardware repair, the phone after repairing naturally feels different.

It is difficult to reset the precision components of mobile phones: the current value of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, the corresponding mobile phones are getting thinner and lighter, and the components inside the mobile phones are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the internal arrangement is more and more compact. Once the phone is disassembled, the reset is quite a test of the technology, and pay attention to a lot of details, because the built-in chip, the slight vibration of the motherboard may cause chain problems such as soldering and burning.

Maintenance technicians are not equally skilful: some offline mobile phone repair shops, maintenance technicians have uneven technology, good maintenance workers will definitely have, but some stores may let apprentices help, so your mobile phone may become white rats for others to practice!

Mobile phone manufacturers ignore mobile phone maintainability: your mobile phone is broken, business people want you to buy a new mobile phone directly, so that his new mobile phone can have a market, so the mobile phone repairability is naturally not so good. Earlier, the US Department of Maintenance and Trade broke the news. Although technology manufacturers claim environmental protection, they do not pay much attention to the maintainability of mobile phones.

When the mobile phone has to be repaired, how to deal with it?

The phone is inadvertently damaged, and it is reluctant to lose it. If you go to the repair shop to repair the phone, you can pay attention to these problems.
1. In the recent repair shop, turn around, look at the opinions and charging standards of mobile phone repair, and finally decide where to repair the phone;
2, when entering the repair shop, you can go in with a random mindset, and it is best to do some preparation in advance, let people feel that you are not a mobile phone white, and that you will not spend a lot of money to repair the phone;
3. When repairing, if the maintenance personnel severely solve the problem, or explain the problem in professional terms, or the maintenance price is unbelievable, you can choose not to believe it;
4. After the mobile phone is repaired, test the test to be tested again. Otherwise, after the store door is closed, the mobile phone cannot be used immediately, and others may not recognize it…

Finally, we suggested that everyone must choose a professional and regular mobile phone repair service centre when repairing mobile phones, in order to effectively reduce various risks.

Our company’s mobile phone repair adheres to the original quality accessories, and undergoes strict quality inspection by lightning repair to ensure the original quality. Please feel free to experience our service, contact us.

For phone LCD screen repair, under the damage of non-human factors, we promise to provide a 3 months warranty on the full screen. Other repairs are subject to a minimum warranty of 14 days.

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