Graphics driver is not updated

If the graphics card is very old, it is recommended to go to the graphics card official website to download the driver that suits you. Some old graphics cards, because they are too old, may not be suitable for newer graphics drivers.

The graphics card temperature is too high

When the graphics card temperature is too high, there will be many problems, such as: computer card screen, picture retention, computer screen, or irregular stripes or spots, black screen will appear. Generally speaking, the temperature of the graphics card is 30-55 degrees, which is the temperature under zero load. If the game is running at full load, it should be better controlled to within 80 degrees. It is not a problem if the personal graphics card is up to 85-90 degrees.

Graphics card poor contact

Graphics card poor contact with some discrete graphics cards, may be because some installers have fewer screws, or the computer host moved to move and other reasons, The resulting graphics card and the slot on the motherboard are in poor contact. In any case, the discrete graphics card and the motherboard graphics card slot are in poor contact. Power off the desktop, unpack the chassis, and pull out the discrete graphics card. Use a skin-like wipe or a hand to wipe the gold finger of the graphics card, wipe it a few times, and then plug it back into the graphics card slot.

Dust or graphics card dust inside the chassis

When disassembling the chassis, look at the dust inside the chassis too much? If there is, clean it up together.

After plugging in, do not cover the cover of the chassis temporarily, then directly power on the machine, and look with the naked eye, is the fan of the graphics card rotating normally? If it does not turn, take it for repair.

CPU overclocking or open core

Some computer players, in order to make the CPU function to the maximum development, and overclocking, there are some players, the purchase of the three cores of these similar CPU, and then open the core, into a 4-core CPU. In fact, these are not the safest, overclocking, I have not encountered it for a while, but the computer caused by the opening of the nuclear suddenly black screen has encountered a lot.

Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing a CPU, if you have the financial ability, it is best not to buy a similar core CPU, sometimes even if you do not open the core, because the CPU will also have many inexplicable problems.

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