Desktop Computer Brand Ranking: 2020 Desktop Computer Which Brand is Good

When buying a desktop computer, in addition to looking at the appearance, configuration, price, but also look at the brand, because the quality of the brand will directly affect the quality and service life of the computer, then, what brand of desktop computer is good? Let’s take a closer look: Which brand of desktop computer is good? 

Desktop brand by rankings:

1. Apple Mac

It is a manufacturer of high-end computers in the world. It is one of the top ten computer brands in the world. It is a “outside the world” outside the PC. It is the leader in the industry and is recognized and welcomed by peers and consumers.

2. Lenovo

It is a high-tech company with assets of tens of billions of dollars. It is one of the top ten manufacturers of personal computers in the world and a leading brand in the field of pc+ products. In 2013, Lenovo’s computer sales jumped to the top in the world, becoming the world’s largest PC manufacturer.


It is the leading manufacturer of 3c solutions. Since its inception, it has been providing the most valuable products and applications for individuals and business users. In particular, its three major products such as graphics cards, motherboards and notebook computers have become the main products of Asus. Competitive strength.

4. Dell

Its products have always been highly recognized in the industry with its stylish appearance and unique user experience. In addition, its product line is rich, classic machines emerge in an endless stream, and cover the fields of business, fashion, entertainment, etc., becoming the leader and benchmark of fashion and technology.

5. HP

Founded in 1939, it is a well-known company from the United States, focusing on the development and sales of printers, computers, digital imaging, software and information services, so it can meet the needs of different users.

6. Microsoft

For Microsoft, everyone is familiar with it. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of personal computers. It is also one of the top ten brands of PCs and one of the top ten brands of notebook computers. Friends in need may wish to consider it.

7. Acer

Acer is no stranger to everyone. It is a professional research and development, design, sales and service for desktop computers, notebook computers, LCD screens, servers and digital homes. It provides users with easy-to-use and reliable information products. Therefore, it is deep. Favoured by users and liked.

The desktop computer brand ranking and the 2020 desktop computer which brand good knowledge is introduced here, in fact, there are many good desktop computers in Malaysia, different brands, their appearance, configuration and quotation are different, Therefore, we must choose according to our own needs and economic conditions, and compare. 

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