Laptop Battery Maintenance Tips

Read our laptop battery maintenance tips below.

Do you have a laptop that you can’t put it down? Do you know how to maintain your laptop’s battery? Don’t ignore it. The following is the recommended maintenance method of laptop battery for everyone, let’s take a look!

Laptop battery maintenance method introduction:

1. Charging problem: The laptop is equipped with a charger. The charger has the ability to recognize data when charging, and it is charged with a small current. Although it takes longer than direct charge (trip charger), charging will make the battery more fully charged. At the same time, you should use a dedicated socket as much as possible, and do not share the charger with a home appliance such as a TV.

2. There is no relationship between the start-up charging: it is best to turn off the laptop first when charging. Because the board of the laptop will heat up during the charging process, the current may increase instantaneously and cause damage to the internal parts of the laptop.

3. How long is the charging time: The longer the charging time, the more the battery is fully charged, and the more durable the battery is, this view is not correct. In fact, the capacity of the battery is fixed. After the battery is fully charged, the protection circuit of the charger will be automatically disconnected, but there will still be a small turbulence. Therefore, the correct charging time should be the best when the indicator light changes from red to green and then charged for one hour, so that it can be sufficient without damaging the battery. However, since the charger has protection for the battery, the charging time is too long and the battery will not be greatly damaged. But it is best not to exceed 24 hours.

Laptop maintenance policy:

Malaysia climate is humid and rainy, and laptop is a high-precision electronic circuit design. Unless it is a specially designed model, most laptops have poor resistance to dust and moisture, so it is necessary to develop good habits. Consumers must still be cautious and avoid water or fall damage to the laptop.

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