Virus Removal Strategy & How To Clean Your Computer of Virus

Read useful virus removal strategy and how to clean your computer of virus or hire our virus removal service in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

When a computer is infected with a virus, if no urgent measures are taken for emergency treatment, the system will be exploding, but if effective measures are taken, most of the computer viruses can be quickly removed and the damaged part of the system can be recovered. But for the network system, it needs to be timely. The general processing methods are described below.

Pre-requisite :

  • Must have a sense of crisis and deal with it in a timely manner.
  • Remember not to have contact with other computers.

Method / steps :

1. Timely isolation

When your computer is infected with a virus, avoid contact with other computers, that is, do not copy files to each other. To avoid the spread of viruses to the entire network.

2. Tracking roots

If the computer is infected with a small virus, download a computer intelligent tracking system to identify. Discover those nodes and users that are often infected. The virus tracking system can automatically provide tracking information. If the system file and system application software are damaged and the infection is deep, you can ask the professional to reinstall the system to completely remove the computer virus.

3. Activate computer anti-virus software

Activate computer anti-virus software and scan the entire hard drive. Some computer viruses cannot be completely clear under Windows 7/XP status. In this case, you should use the DOS system USB drive of the uninfected computer virus prepared in advance to activate, and then run the related anti-virus software to clean up under DOS.

4. Test

After the anti-virus is completed, restart the computer, and then use the anti-malware computer virus software to check whether there is a computer virus in the system, and determine that the data damaged by the infection is completely restored.


Back up important data files as much as possible before sending your PC for virus removal service.
If the computer virus that the anti-virus software cannot remove, send the sample to the research center of the anti-virus software vendor for further research.

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